Amazing and Tasty Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Recipe

When it comes to some recipes that are authentic and even your grandma used to cook the same, there would always be attachment towards such recipes. Making such a recipe would seem to be hard, but in reality, it is quite simple. Even though our grandma might not have learned these recipes, they know them perfect and they therefore cook these recipes pretty well. These days we get such masalas ready. But authentically, these recipes had whole ground masalas that are really tasty and healthy.

The Popularity of Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Recipe

There are so many recipes that get popular over a period of time. But as far as Sri Lankan Chicken Curry is concerned, it really is one of the most popular things and so there are so many people who would love to make it. The recipe is popular in almost all parts of the world and mostly Asia. It is a hassle free recipe and gets cooked quickly. You should just be ready with a few things and there you are with a very smooth and tasty recipe at your resort.

Taste and Flavour of Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Recipe

It would hardly be that any non-vegetarian food lover might not have tasted this Sri Lankan delicacy. Sri Lankan Chicken Curry recipe is quite popular and it tastes so flavourful and tasty that it would gel up with almost anything. You can have this with chapatti or with fried rice sauté with veggies. So, it is up to you, how you wish to keep it or have it. The flavour of crushed garlic and tomatoes would be such good that you would love to get a perfect feel. This recipe has potential to become an important recipe in almost every household that uses chicken.

The Specialty of Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Recipe

Often complexity is attached with tasty recipes. But this is not the case here. You will see that this curry is tasty and amazing and yet it is easy to make. You just need to learn the right recipe and there you are with a perfect feel. This is the basic reason why people feel that it is better in every sense. So, just try and see how you feel. There are many recipes that you may have to garnish. But this one is really good enough and rarely, it would need any kind of specific presentation. It is special because it uses the grand mom styled cooking.

Serving and Presentation of Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Recipe

There are some recipes that would just give you taste and in some you can find good health. But very few recipes have a good combination of both. So, if you have a plan to make such a good recipe then just get ready with the ingredients and things first. The best part is that once this dish is ready you can have it with rice or chapatti. You don’t have to go out of the way to cook many other dishes along with this. Just plain wheat chapatti will also do. This is because this dish is very special, flavourful and sooth in taste.

How to Prepare Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Recipe

Making Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Recipe is not as tough as you think. You need the ingredients that are mostly available from home itself. This curry basically is balanced in taste. But for those who like the hotter or spicier version of this may use crushed red chillies. This will really taste well. Basically, when you are preparing Sri Lankan Chicken Curry at home then you will need onions, garlic, ginger, white vinegar or lemon juice and few spices that are available in your home only.

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry in the Simplest Way

Many people think that it would be tough to cook Sri Lankan Chicken Curry at home. But if you follow the right recipe and the simple method then you will get to know that it is not as tough as you think. Just cook this dish in the right way and you will be open for many compliments from your family. This is a good curry for those who get bored with the regular curry every day. A bit of spice can really make you feel awesome. So, try and see how you feel.


  • Skinless chicken thighs as per your need
  • 1 medium diced onion
  • 2 medium tomatoes diced
  • 1 medium crushed garlic
  • Bit of freshly grated ginger
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin seeds
  • 1 teaspoon ground turmeric
  • Paprika
  • 1 tbsp white vinegar
  • Open cardamom pods
  • Bit of fresh cream or coconut milk

How to make

  1. Take oil in a pan and heat it well. Once you have done that just put some crushed garlic, diced onion and ginger and let it sauté a bit. Once you get the good aroma, you can put the chicken thighs and tomatoes.

  2. Now, let that all simmer together. Once that is done, you will see that the curry is getting smooth. Now you can add all the grounded spices and vinegar.

  3. When you feel the need to add some water, prefer putting coconut milk or fresh cream.

  4. Now, you need to stir this content well.

  5. You can serve it with rice or chapatti and it will taste like heaven.


A tasty feast of Sri Lankan food that is really amazing in every way. You will love the taste, flavour and aroma. Often, we need something different to tickle our tongue. This Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Recipe is really divine in its taste and can take you to a new world as far as the taste is concerned.

Nutritional Value of Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Recipe

  1. Calories 121.3
  2. Total Fat 4.2g
  3. Saturated Fat 1.3g
  4. Cholesterol 45.6mg
  5. Sodium 491mg
  6. Potassium 247mg
  7. Total Carbohydrates 2.2g
  8. Dietary Fiber 0.7g
  9. Sugars 0.2g
  10. Protein 18.6g
  11. Vitamin A 1%
  12. Vitamin C 3.5%
  13. Calcium 1.9%
  14. Iron 5.8%

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