Deep Fried Chicken

The easiest Deep Fried Chicken Recipe

Chicken recipes are one of the most favourite recipes of all. Chicken recipes come with varieties of tastes and flavours. Chicken is one ingredient with which you can do different kinds of variations in dishes. Fried chickens taste good. The deep fried chicken recipe is one of the most popular and tasty recipes that you will taste. It is very easy to cook. The time need for its cooking is also limited. You will need just a couple of ingredients to make this tasty dish. With absolutely minimum ingredients you can make an awesome tasted dish.

The Popularity of Deep Fried Chicken Recipe

The deep fried chicken recipe is a very popular one. Chicken is mainly loved by all especially the children and so it is one of the most popular dishes. Any dish prepared with chicken can be one’s favourite. The main reason for the deep fried chicken to be so popular is the amount of ingredients required for making it. You will just need a few ingredients along with the chicken to get the best tasted chicken for your meal. Thus, you will not need to spend a lot of money buying the ingredients. You can even have the ingredients available at your kitchen. The deep fried chicken recipe is also very easy and requires very less time which makes it a more famous recipe.

Taste and Flavour of Deep Fried Chicken recipe

The Deep Fried Chicken is very tasty. You will get the taste of the chicken in only one bite. The fried chicken in very dry but it is very munchy. You can enjoy it as your evening sacks. It has the best taste. You will also get the taste and flavour of garlic as garlic is used in it. It is not a very spicy dish but it is absolutely worth a try. You will love the taste of the fried chicken. This deep fried chicken has a unique taste and I bet that you have never tasted such delicious dish before.

The Speciality of Deep Fried Chicken recipe

The main speciality of the deep fried chicken is the time required to prepare it. nowadays everyone is busy with their office and also the household chores. Cooking becomes a tedious job is it takes much time. Therefore, people always look for easy and quick recipes. The deep fried chicken is a very easy recipe and also the ingredients required to make this recipe is also very less. This recipe is also very good for people who are new to cooking. It is one of the easiest recipes and can be cooked by anyone and also get the best taste.

Serving and Presentation of Deep Fried Chicken

The serving and presentation of the deep fried chicken is very easy and you do not have to follow any kind of rules. You can use your own creativity and you can garnish this dish. There is no such hard and fast rule to present this dish. You can sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper. You can also have it with some sauce. You can prepare a spicy sauce or you can also use readymade sauces available in the market. You can also cut fresh onions into round slices and put around the chicken.

How to prepare Deep Fried Chicken

Preparation and cooking the deep fried chicken is very easy. You need to first wash the chicken properly. Now you must marinate the chicken and keep it aside for an hour. Then you must deep fry the chicken with peanut oil. Take out the chicken when it is cooked and red and serve.

Deep Fried Chicken

Deep Fried Chicken in the easiest way

The Deep Fried Chicken recipe is one of the easiest recipes that one can cook. It is already a very easy recipe. You do not need much time in preparing this delicious dish. With practice you can do it more quickly.


  • Whole chicken
  • 4 teaspoons salt (or according to taste)
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 4 gallons peanut oil for frying (approx. value)

How to make

  1. You must place 2 whole chicken into the deep fryer. Add cold water till the chicken gets covered above 1’’. The quantity of water will determine the quantity of oil needed to deep fry the chicken.

  2. The you must remove the chicken from the water and dry it nicely. You must also dry the deep fryer.

  3. Next, in a small bowl you must mix salt, cayenne powder and garlic powder and stir and mix well. 

  4. Now smear the chicken with the seasoning mix evenly and let it stand for 1-2 hours before starting to fry.

  5. After 1-2 hours you must place required quantity of peanut oil in the deep fryer and place the chickens very carefully inside it. you must be careful that before placing the chicken in the hot oil the chicken must not be moist. If it be so then pat it very dry. 

  6. You must cook the chicken properly till half an hour. If you want you can also insert an instant read thermometer to register the temperature. When the temperature in that thermometer reaches 165F then you can stop cooking and frying.

  7. Now you need to lift the chickens out of the deep fryer. You must be careful because the deep fryer will be very hot and also the oil can spill while taking out the chicken. You should use tongs and transfer the chicken to another serving bowl or plate. 

  8. You must cut the chicken in quarter pieces and then it will be ready to serve.


The deep fried chicken recipe is one of the easiest and delicious recipes. You must try this recipe and have a great time to munch on the chicken pieces prepared in just few minutes.

Nutritional Value

  1. Calories – 841.0
  2. Total Fat – 29g
  3. Cholesterol – 28 5mg
  4. Sodium – 10,884mg
  5. Potassium – 0mg
  6. Total Carbohydrate – 101.0g
  7. Dietary Fibre – 5g
  8. Protein – 42g

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